Just like your Wedding Dress, your Wedding Officiant should be no different. It MUST be a Perfect fit. Wedding planning in general can be quite tedious, time consuming, and stressful. 
Whether you are planning your wedding by yourself, or have help from a Wedding Planner, or Day of Coordinator, important decisions will always rely on you and your spouse. These decisions will play a vital part in having “Just a Wedding Ceremony” or creating the “Fairytale Wedding Ceremony” you always dreamed of. 

How Do I Obtain My Marriage License?

Planning your marriage can be a joyous and exciting experience, but one of the most important steps is obtaining your license. However, with all the right pieces in place this process doesn’t have to add extra stress! All you’ll need are some documents that show who you are – then just sit back and enjoy being engaged! A couple who intends to be married in New York State must apply in person for a marriage license to any town or city clerk in the state. The application for a license must be signed by both applicants in the presence of the town or city clerk. A representative cannot apply for the license on behalf of the applicant.

A Marriage License is valid for 60 days, beginning the day after it is issued. Members of the armed forces who can prove they are on active duty at the time of applying for the Marriage License can obtain a Marriage License valid for 180 days.
Here are some very helpful articles that will also explain the process quite thoroughly and easy to understand.
Applying in NYC or the 5 Boroughs? Click the Links Below for the Project Cupid  and NYC City Clerks Website.
Here are some of the popular Local County Clerk Websites to set your appointment up. 
Town of Hempstead  Hempstead 
Town of Brookhaven

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant In NYC?

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the Wedding Officiant that fits your vision and style for your ceremony. With over 23 years in the Wedding Industry, and the owner of NY Officiants Long Island, and New York’s #1 top rated Wedding Officiant Service, I cannot emphasize enough the importance the role of your Wedding Officiant holds for your Wedding Day.

It is a very common trend we see in this time and era that Friends and Family members are asked from the Wedding Couple to marry them. 

Sometimes the Couple feels that the Friend/Family member knows them best and can portray their story more fluidly and gracefully, or perhaps it is a decision made for budgeting reasons. We always stress to make sure the Officiant who is chosen  checks ahead of time each jurisdiction, county, and the region you are marrying the couple in.

Each region may be different and require additional certifications like NYC, and the 5 boroughs and certain counties. The last thing a Bride and/or Groom wants to hear is that their marriage won’t be LEGAL because proper requirements were not met. Due diligence always pays off!

The short answer to this is experience. Let us now explain some of the reasons why hiring a Full Time Professional Wedding Officiant will make all of the difference.

There are so many minor details that a wedding ceremony consists of such as..
Where does the Groom stand?  On which side of the Wedding Officiant?
Who will accept the rings first the Bride or the Groom? (In same sex marriages it can be either and the couple chooses)
What should you write for your personal vows if you decide to write them? Can my officiant write traditional vows?
What to expect for the “Kiss” at the end of my ceremony? Where should my officiant be standing for this Perfect Shot?
How should the couple be positioned at the end of the ceremony, or as we call it the “Declaration of Marriage”, as we get ready for our recessional walk.
Will my officiant be setting the couple up for some great Photo Ops, to guarantee those Picture Perfect Photos are captured during the ceremony?
Will my officiant speak with the DJ or musician and Professional Photographer/s Videographers prior to the ceremony to inform each industry professional on the Brides Entrance and the Recessional, as well as the photo ops throughout the ceremony?
Will the Marriage license be properly filled out in the correct format and by whom?

attis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

These are just a handful of some of the higher priority questions that couples may have or not be aware of. Prior to that a professional Wedding Officiant will be able to handle without the couple worrying about the day of their ceremony.
At NY Officiants we actually take the time to setup a conference call,  or video call with every prospective couple to walk you through the format of your Wedding Ceremony from the very Start to the End, and every detail in-between so you are fully aware of what to expect. 
For example:
  • How to stand at the Podium/Altar
  • How to accept the rings
  • The photo ops we will set you up with for your photographer
  • How to prepare for the perfect kiss at the end of your ceremony as we stand out of the way for that clean picture and so much more.